Our Team


Director &

Principal Mathematics Teacher

Fan Wang Peng

Teacher Fan (MBA & BEng) leads Authentic Learning with a heart of compassion and a proactive embracement of technology.

A registered and passionate educator specialised in Mathematics with over 10 years of tutoring & training experiences. A strong believer in accelerated learning and actively exploring means to make learning easy and fun, aim to meet the needs of different learning ability. She launches in 2019 Accelerated Blended Learning where proven curriculum and collections of learning techniques are developed into learning models & wisdoms and make available anytime using Google for Education. This is the first step to extend learning beyond weekly classroom teaching conducted by experienced teachers into continuous learning via technology.

Prior to starting Authentic Learning, she worked in different high-tech multinational companies as Regional Director for over 20 years, included living in Hong Kong and Shanghai. She was also the technological spokesperson, presenting in seminars & conferences and conducting training for the business partners / customers.

"Practical applications of Mathematics serves as the foundation of our teaching method". When a student understand why and how the different equations and formulas are used in the real life, they will appreciate and enjoy learning mathematics.

Customer Care & Operations

Maureen Ho

Maureen has a friendly and approachable personality. She brings with her over 20 years of customers & suppliers management and operational experiences from multinational companies and local hospital.

She takes pride in her ability to elicit customer needs and provides appropriate solutions.

Curriculum & Social Media

Tan Wei Ling

Wei Ling is resourceful and has a soft touch for social media. As a diverse freelance educator since 2010, she develops the proficiency in class planning and course curriculum designing.

She adapts the art of dance choreography into academic learning, making learning colourful.


Principal English Teacher

Siti Norbayah Abu Bakar

Teacher Siti (B.Com UK TESOL), patient and motivating, specialises in English teaching for a diverse group of learners over 20 years; especially students preparing for PSLE, GCE ‘N’ and ‘O’ examinations and adults learning from elementary to advanced stage.

A Cambridge English Teacher cum Examiner, Approved & Registered with CPE (Council of Private Education), MOE Singapore & PA registered.

She was a teacher at Stamford Primary, Christ Church Secondary and a lecturer at ITE College West Campus. Currently, other teaching related experiences include Curriculum Developer & Examiner (FTMS Global Academy) for different Business English Diploma & Degree Programs provided by Anglia Ruskin University, Oxford Brooks University and University of East London in UK.

"... I motivate, increase students’ awareness & interests in English learning and assist each of them to develop a personal achievable target; resulting to high passing rate and milestone improvements in their English Proficiency across all schooling levels."

Senior English Teacher

Karen Joseph

Teacher Karen, patient and loving, specialises in teaching Primary level English for over 30 years. One of our longest serving teachers for over 12 years and taught in other centres namely Gloryland Learning Centre, SAF Childcare - Mindef, not mentioning private tutoring.

She has a heart for the children's well being beyond teaching. In order to ensure that the children are learning effectively, she makes extra effort to communicate with the parents and uncover the strength of each of her students, serves as a vital part of their early stage of learning and in developing the child's learning interests and abilities.

Karen, a mother of three, has dedicated her life to teaching and proud to see that some of students are serving the society today as Dentists, Engineers and Teachers.

" ... I believe in working hand in hand with parents assuring them of their child's progress as each child is unique and have the capacity to excel in their own ways; lives by a never give up attitude and strives to educate with her heart, mind and soul !".

Mathematics Teacher

Ho Kwok Wei

Teacher Ho (BSc), firm and kind-hearted, tutoring Mathematics for over 9 years, at least 4 years in Authentic Learning.

He has a way with effective classroom management, introducing discipline and cultivating responsibility in the students. Each student will diligently work on their assigned homework and be attentive in class while he goes through patiently the step by step approach in solving different mathematics problems.

As a passionate mathematics teacher, he would dedicate extra time for one to one coaching after the class whenever each child experiences difficulty understanding any specific topic.

"... I recognised that every child is different and learns at different pace, my motto is no child should be left behind and practice is essential for mathematics ."

Mathematics Teacher

Tan Wei Ling

Teacher Wei Ling has a flair with children and passionate in teaching with over 9 years experience, actively engaged in teaching children as young as 4 years old to secondary.

She has a way to motivate and lead the class to learn competitively and help individual kids to overcome their weakness at their own pace, equipping students with a step-by-step guide for respective topics.

She builds strong rapport with her students and believes that collaborating with parents and maintaining constant communication with them are essential factors for the success of each student's learning.

"... all children with the right learning attitude will flourish in everything they learn and I will try my very best to help out the students ."

Science Teacher

Phineas Tan

Teacher Phil is a fun and caring educator, with over 4 years experience. He acquires innate ability to understand and motivate students to be successful learners.

Science and Life! He adopts a systematic teaching approach & provides thorough explanation on each topic to help students to map & relate Science to daily life. When the students understand Science from this angle, they can appreciate and learn more effectively. The course also allocates time to coach students how to understand and answer the process questions in preparation for the examination.

"... I believe every child learn and grow at a different pace, I constantly strive to create a learning environment that is stimulating and adaptive to the varied needs of each students."