Mission Statement

Accelerated Quality Learning for our young generation; to better self-learning skill, self-confidence in a safe and affordable learning environment.

People's Association Mission - "To build and to bridge communities in achieving One People , One Singapore."

We are PA's registered Partner and Private Operator to provide Courses or Learning Programmes at Community Centres (CCs) and Residents' Committee (RC) Centres.

Who We Are

When we began, we had a vision. A vision where education can be well-rounded and enriching for all levels.

From our simple beginnings in 1997, we have now expanded to 5 different locations across Singapore!

Our teaching philosophy revolves around the concept of Accelerated Learning. Through our every evolving library of learning techniques, students are able to easily absorb concepts at a quicker rate and in turn boosting their self-confidence.

Along with this, we believe that a well-rounded support system is crucial for learning. Parents are kept informed of their child’s progress so that they too may assist with their education.

Students are encouraged to think outside of the box, bringing out each child’s inner creative. Through engaging exercises and our dedicated teachers, we strive to guide them on the road to academic excellence. To give them the tools to believe themselves. To dream.

Learning is a never-ending journey and we are glad to be part of it.