Course Summary

Aligned with MOE's directive of holistic education, this course is crafted to focus on character building, cultivating good values within the child.

Accelerated learning models and kits are combined with online resources to inculcate positive learning habits of English and Mathematics.

Based on 6 core values, students are cultivated to read, speak, write, count and share.

Six Core Values:

1) Love and Caring - Relationship, Forgiveness

2) Appreciation - Gratitude

3) Cooperation - Teamwork

4) Courtesy - Compassion

5) Integrity - Honesty

6) Commitment

An all rounded approach, including auditory, visual and kinesthetics learning will be applied. Each session comprises of different themes which will be used to stimulate discussion and explore different values. Short passages are provided for students to read, speak and role play. Each class concludes with students practicing their English writing and Mathematical assignments.

Quoting Mr Heng Swee Keat, Education Minister

"Developing the whole child must first begin with instilling the right character and values. We must adopt a student-centre, values-driven approach".

No of course-terms = 7

No of English Theme = 6 (6 lessons per theme)

No of Maths Topics = 12 (3 lessons per topic)

In summary, 1 cycle of 6 lessons comprises of 4 compos, 1 compre, 2 reading, other practices and 2 maths topics.

Students' Creative Writing