Mastering Mathematics for Primary 2 to 6

(Primary 2 to 6 - Learn your Mathematics under

This Mathematics course serves to meet the needs of different students at different stages and levels of mathematics learning. A series of tailored and simple methods will be used to help student progress positively in their mathematical learning experience.

We use simple 3 to 5 steps approaches to help student understand the questions and solve the problems.

Along with the academic approaches, we also introduce simple games and other means to develop and enhance the different essential aspects of learning. When a student's visual and auditory skills improve, one will naturally do better in many aspects.

Simple and effective methodology to help students to understand and solve different questions; also minimise careless mistakes. Most important of all, they are SIMPLE enough to remember and apply.

Closed Loop Systematic Approach .....

(1) Concepts

(2) Understanding the Questions

(3) Model drawing & Other Techniques

(4) Analytical Skills

(5) Application


(Secondary O-Level - Learn your E-Mathematics under

Mathematics teaching is best conducted using a fun and fast-thinking approach so much so that the students will learn and remember the concepts naturally.

Mathematics in life applications are the best ways to gain students' interests in the subject. The combination of these approaches will transform the puzzling signs and numbers to something meaningful and useful.

Students are encourage to participate actively during class discussion and present their ideas to tackle different mathematical problems.