Blended Mastering Mathematics

Primary 3 to 6

Mastering Mathematics - Primary 3

Mastering Mathematics - Primary 4

This weekly 1.25 hour course runs for 7 terms, till early November.

Mastering Mathematics - Primary 5

This weekly 1.5 hour course runs for 7 terms, till early November.

Mastering Mathematics - Primary 6

This weekly 1.5 hour course runs for 7 terms, from December to end September.

This Mathematics course serves to meet the needs of different students at different stages and levels of mathematics learning. A series of techniques are introduced from Primary 1 to accelerate students learning and understanding of all the different mathematical concepts. We also use simple 3 steps approaches to help student understand the questions easily, solve them effectively and minimise any careless mistakes.

When appropriate, we also introduce simple games and other means to develop and enhance the different essential aspects of learning. When a student's visual and auditory skills improve, one will naturally do well in mathematics.

Blended learning is achieved through a combination of classroom and online learning. Our teachers use Classroom to introduce accelerated means to understand different mathematical concepts. Paper and online practice serves to confirm students understanding and pinpoint their doubts. Mathematics is about understanding the concepts, elevating depths of concepts understanding and finally applying the concepts to solve problem sums. A series of presentation materials will be used in class and made available online; they serve to strengthen students' understanding accelerate their learning.

A specially designed workbook will be provided to each students to jornal their learning and milestone their learning path.

Closed Loop Systematic Approach ..... 'cuppa'


Understanding the Concepts & Questions


Practise some more

Applying concepts to solve problem

NB: Cuppa is a drink, such as tea, coffee, liquor, beer, milk, juice, or soft drinks, sometimes excluding water

Elementary Mathematics

Secondary 1 to 5

This weekly 1.5 hour course runs for 6.5 terms, till mid October.

Mathematics teaching is best conducted using a fun and fast-thinking approach so much so that the students will learn and remember the concepts naturally.

Mathematics in life applications are the best ways to gain students' interests in the subject. The combination of these approaches will transform the puzzling signs and numbers to something meaningful and useful.

Students are encourage to participate actively during class discussion and present their ideas to tackle different mathematical problems.