Blended Mastering Mathematics

Primary 3 to 6

Mastering Mathematics - Primary 3

Mastering Mathematics - Primary 4

Mastering Mathematics - Primary 5

This weekly 1.5 hour course runs for 7 terms, from January to end October

Mastering Mathematics - Primary 6

This weekly 1.5 hour course runs for 7 terms, from December to end September.

Course Summary

Mathematics is all about concepts; knowing, understanding and applying them along with appropriate practices. Based on MOE Syllabus, accelerated learning models are merged with online resources to ensure a smoother and more efficient learning experience.

A systematic approach is taken to ensure even coverage of all topics, helping students hit their milestone requirements for each level. Specifically designed workbooks will be provided for students to record and commemorate the different milestones in their learning journey.

Students will be equipped with tips and techniques to do well and avoid careless mistakes in examination. Coupled with online resources, the course is designed to stimulate a child’s visual and auditory skills which are essential to excel in Mathematics.

Kids will naturally gravitate towards the subject as they see improvement, building their confidence for the more challenging subjects ahead.

A simple 3 step approach to simplify the process for children.

Maths in 3Cs

  1. Concepts
  2. Concepts deep dive
  3. Continuous Practice

Blended Elementary Mathematics

Secondary 1 to 5

This weekly 1h 40 mins course runs for 7 terms, till mid October.

Our Approach

At this age, students often question what is the point of being taught a subject. To combat this doubt, lessons are taught with real-life application in mind. This lets us ingrain a sense of appreciation of Mathematics in students, granting them the motivation to work harder and solve problems with ease.

To supplement this, we provide online resources such as quizzes and discussion boards so that students are able to get support even away from the classroom.

Students are encouraged to participate actively during class discussion and present their ideas to tackle different mathematical problems.