English & Creative Writing for Primary 2 to 6

(Primary 2 to 6 - Learn your English under www.OnePA.sg)

This course covers all aspects of English learning with emphases on Creative Writing. Story-telling is the basis of creative writing. If one can speak or listen well, one can write well. This module serves to stimulate critical and creative thinking which is essential for good composition writing.

A classroom provides the healthy environment to stimulate the above mentioned discussion. Our teachers are trained to use different approaches like mind-mapping and educational games to facilitate these discussion and student's visual and auditory skills. The students will learn from the teachers and among themselves.

A series of different worksheets and non-academic material / approaches are used to stimulate creative thinking, proactive participation and structured presentation which are essential for a good composition.

Complete Cycle of Creative Writing .....

​(1) Story-telling & Composition

(2) Strengthen the V .. Command of Vocabulary

(3) Strengthen the C .. Comprehension

(4) Strengthen the G .. Grammar

(5) Stimulus Class Discussion

English & Writing

(Secondary O-Level - Learn your English under www.OnePA.sg)

Effective communication defines the ability to express oneself clearly and completely, either verbally or in written form. There are 2 basic aspects in achieving this: the content and the language skills.

In our course, we create a stimulus environment to promote creativity and improve language skills. The correct use of grammars, appropriate application of vocabularies and techniques to minimise spelling errors, are essential components to better ones English. This needs to be complemented with the right amount of practise in comprehension, synthesis, editing and different form of close passages.

Students are encourage to participate actively during class discussion and present their work - providing a written and spoken learning environment.